Discover new musical horizons

IMJMusic has helped realise the musical aspirations of hundreds of piano students across Swindon and beyond for over twenty years. Discover some of the aspects that make lessons here at IMJMusic particularly enjoyable and rewarding by exploring this short overview.  


Should you have any questions or if you would like to enquire about availability please get in touch. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Play on a quality grand piano

Providing tuition on a quality German grand piano is just one aspect that distinguishes lessons here. With its rich and distinct sound, you will soon appreciate the fine materials and German craftsmanship that makes the 6.6 ft Steinberg so good to play, inspiring students of all ability to play to their very best.  



Enjoy the studio acoustics

With its contemporary design, this 22ft piano studio provides an inviting place to perform, offering great acoustics, and crisp-white LED lighting throughout. Two large Velux windows channel natural light into the room making for a pleasant environment to learn and play.

piano stuido 4.jpg


Experienced and supportive 

With over twenty years as a professional teacher, and qualifications in performance, music theory, and piano accompaniment, students can follow their musical aspirations with confidence, knowing that they are being guided by an experienced, friendly, and supportive tutor.    

Composing Music


Great teaching


Having two pianos significantly improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment of lessons. The Yamaha N1 Hybrid, with its grand piano action, is ideal for demonstration and supporting pupils. And with a live video link (not shown here), student and teacher can see each other's piano keys on a separate monitor to really connect the learning process.

Two-piano setup.jpg


Performance workshops

Piano workshops are arranged throughout the year to provide opportunities for adult students of every ability to meet and play to each other. Many pupils find these performance occasions invaluable, helping to develop not only their musicality and confidence but a valued social dimension to learning a musical instrument.



Effective remote learning

When students are unable to attend the studio, lessons online can be both convenient and effective. With a direct audio feed of the piano's internal sounds and a bird's-eye camera view of the keyboard, spoken instructions and encouragement are given to students via a separate microphone as they play. It's almost like a studio lesson! 



Music exams in the studio

Knowing how an instrument will sound and perform really does make all the difference when it comes to exams. And with so  many students here at IMJMusic, an independent examiner from London College of Music visits the studio to conduct grade and diploma exams, allowing students to study and sit exams in a familiar environment.