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IMJMusic has helped realise the musical potential of hundreds of piano students across Swindon and beyond for over twenty years. From those just starting to find their musical feet to those perfecting their skills at diploma level, teaching here embraces a wide spectrum of ages, levels, and personalities, which keeps the work I do stimulating and rewarding.

But what is it that makes piano lessons here so enjoyable and rewarding for many students? I asked that very question to a range of students to discover what it was that they liked about their piano lessons. Here's what I discovered...

Quality grand piano in an air-conditioned studio

Teaching students on a quality German grand piano is just one aspect that distinguishes lessons here. With its rich and distinct sound, you will soon appreciate the fine materials and German craftsmanship that makes the Wilh. Steinberg IQ99 so good to play, inspiring students of every level to play to their very best.  

​The grand piano, housed in a 22ft air-conditioned studio, is an inviting place to perform thanks to its spacious setting and great acoustics. Two large Velux windows channel natural light into the room by day, and crisp-LED lighting by night makes for a pleasant environment to learn and play - whatever the time of day. 

Effective teaching set-up

Alongside the main instrument is a Yamaha N1 Hybrid grand piano - perfect for demonstration and supporting students as they play. Having two pianos in the studio significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning which makes lessons more enjoyable.  

To further connect the learning process, a live video link is available which allows the student and teacher to see each other's piano keys on a separate monitor positioned right next to them. This facility has helped improve teaching and allows the student to really appreciate how a different approach might transform their playing.  

Encouraging and supportive at all levels

With over twenty years of teaching experience, and qualifications in performance, theory, and accompaniment, students can follow their musical aspirations with confidence, knowing that they are being guided by a professional, friendly, and supportive tutor.

From novice players taking their first steps to those working towards diplomas in performance and teaching, IMJMusic prides itself on offering tuition to a wide range of students; some of which are now practising teachers in the town and further afield.

Student workshops to develop confidence

​Learning the piano can be quite a solitary activity, so finding opportunities to bring adult students together to meet and hear each other can prove particularly rewarding for pupil and teacher alike 

Throughout the year, a series of informal workshops is arranged  in the IMJMusic studio to help adults develop musicality and confidence in performance. Open to all, this provides a much-valued insight into piano playing and the wider repertoire. Many adults find this brings a new dimension to their learning. 

Accredited exams here in the studio

Knowing how an instrument will sound and perform really does make all the difference when it comes to piano exams. And with so many students here at IMJMusic, regulated and accredited qualifications with London College of Music are held in the studio three times a year, and assessed by an independent visiting examiner.

From the very first grade through to professional diplomas in performance and teaching, IMJMusic students are able to take recognised exams in the comfort and familiar environment of the studio. Being able to use the same piano for their exam as they do their weekly lesson greatly improves confidence as students feel more relaxed and "at home" on exam day. 

Exclusive listening area

Discover new pieces that will really motive and inspire practising in the exclusive listening area.  From elegant Classical tunes to modern compositions, all carefully selected from over twenty years of teaching and performed by Ian M J Pickett  MA BA LNCM ATCL DipLCM FISM

This library of over 400 recordings provides students with the opportunity to discover and listen to new pieces from the comfort of their home - way more than is ever possible to demonstrate in a lesson. And with a further 800 pieces listed on the IMJMusic Repertoire List, students will have plenty to explore and enjoy.


[Access limited to fee-paying students only]

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