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Piano Accompaniment
Completing the ensemble

A musically responsive and friendly accompanist will help capture the spirit of the music and support the soloist every step of the way. With subtle attention to the detail and by working hard to achieve a good balance, an accompanist is more than just somebody who plays in the background: they can really make or break the whole performance.

If you're looking for an accompanist or, perhaps, you're looking to develop your own skills as an accompanist, get in touch to see how I can help.

Supporting the soloist

Alongside my teaching activities I also work as an accompanist and enjoy helping soloists perfect their performances for a concert or examination. Through a series of rehearsals, each soloist will develop confidence by working through their programme and to tackle any problems methodically with their accompanist. Spending sufficient time working with any soloist is essential to their success: understanding how they play or sing and what they want to do stylistically are important aspects that simply cannot be left to the performance day. ​

Having accompanied many grade and diploma candidates I find it particularly rewarding exploring the wider repertoire and crafting a performance towards an important occasion. With a diploma in piano accompaniment, should you need an accompanist please contact me to discuss the items you would like to perform and we can discuss a convenient time to meet.​

Flute Player

Learn to become an effective accompanist

Accompanying at the piano is a very different skill to performing solo and will challenge a much wider range of musicianship skills. Learn to become an effective accompanist and accompany your own students at their exams.

If you're looking to develop your accompaniment skills - perhaps the piano is your second instrument - and want some professional advice on how to achieve this, lessons can be arrange to work with your soloist in my teaching studio. 


You may be thinking about working towards a qualification at grade or diploma level in piano accompaniment. These useful qualifications will enhance your musicality and give you confidence. Full details regarding the range of options available on request.

Saxophone Player

“Ian has a great gift and is completely in touch with how to support the singer. He is a joy and I would thoroughly recommend him. Ian will complement you brilliantly.” 

Jemma Barnes


The Invitation Theatre Company

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