Studio Photos 

A look around the music studio and more...

Most of the images below are taken in the IMJMusic studio, along with some concert photos and some of the images used to create this website.

Special thanks to all students who allowed for their photos to be used.

So many possibilities...
Whatever the style or genre, the piano fits in perfectly.
Piano hammers
Why the piano is sometimes referred to as a 'percussion' instrument
The IMJMusic studio
Making the most of the setting
Raising the lid
Ready to play...
Two-piano setup
Efficient and effective teaching
Wilh. Steinberg IQ99
Handmade in Germany
IMJMusic studio
With the summer's rays bursting through, the piano in all its glory
Composing at the piano
Developing your compositional voice
So many keys!
Did you know: pianos have 52 white keys and 36 black ones - some 88 in total!
Piano duet in concert
Piano duets are great for developing a student's confidence
Kieran Pocock
Rehearsing in the studio
Adult Piano Workshop
Supporting students at all levels
Across the strings
From thunderous discords to the delicate of nuances, it all happens here!
The piano studio
An excellent shot of the piano and the studio's Velux windows
Inside a grand piano
An object of unquestionable beauty
Just arrived in its new home
This photo was taken just minutes after the builders handed over the studio after the conversion was complete.
Understanding theory
A music theory lesson with an adult student
Student concert
One of our earliest student concerts
The teacher himself
Entertaining the audience at a concert event
Journey to success
Lewis Sayle started as a beginner and left with a diploma. What an exciting journey!
Student concert time
A gathering of parents and friends
Steinberg IQ99
A quality German grand piano
Piano accompaniment
Accompanying students from New College
Across the keyboard
Where musical possibilities begin...
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Kieran Pocock

Rehearsing in the studio