Discover new pieces in the exclusive Listening Area

Finding great pieces that inspire students to play the piano really helps improve motivation and confidence. But wouldn't it be great if you could listen and discover new pieces enjoyed by my many students over the last two decades?

Well, if you head towards the Listening Area you will be able to do just that. From elegant Classical tunes to contemporary styles - all carefully selected, graded, and performed by me - this unique collection contains almost 400 recordings to help inspire you to play better and discover more about the piano repertoire.

Recorded live over a period of eighteen months on a Roland V-Piano running the Ivory II audio engine, this software captures the sounds of a Steinway Model D 1951 Grand Piano resulting in some incredibly realistic audio modelling. Further pieces will be added to the Listening Area on a regular basis, so it's always a good idea to keep checking for new repertoire.

Further piano pieces can be found by exploring the IMJMusic Repertoire List, which houses a comprehensive list of recommended pieces across the grades; many of which can be found on YouTube or Spotify. If you would like to make a suggestion to the list, please let me know and I'll consider adding that in due course.


The all-new Listening Area in all its glory

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IMJMusic provides friendly, expert tuition in piano, music theory, and accompaniment on a German grand housed in a superb piano studio 

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