Celebrating outstanding student success

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

IMJMusic is fortunate to work with some truly outstanding students across a range of ages and levels. Whilst many pupils prepare for music exams, some leaving the exam room full of smiles and a sense of pride, having suitably impressed their examiners.

Since IMJMusic opened its doors almost two decades ago now, many hundreds of students have been through the examination process and have made great strides in their playing. Whilst it is not uncommon for hard-working and talented students to score a distinction, occasionally, a select few score so highly their achievement exceeds all records.

To celebrate such musical excellence, the IMJMusic High Scorers chart records the Top-5 exam results achieved by my students since 2000. And to date, the best result so far for a piano exam now stands at an incredible 98% for Grade 5 - a hearty congratulations to IMJMusic student Olivia Lim!

Did you make the grade? Check out the 'High Scorers' chart by visiting the Music Exams section.

IMJMusic High Scorers chart


IMJMusic provides friendly, expert tuition in piano, music theory, and accompaniment on a German grand housed in a superb piano studio 

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