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IMJMusic has helped realise the musical potential of hundreds of piano students for over twenty years. From those just starting to find their musical feet to those perfecting their skills at diploma level, teaching here embraces a wide spectrum of ages, levels, and personalities. 

But what is it that makes piano lessons here so enjoyable and rewarding for many students? That very question was posed to a range of students to discover what it was that they liked about their piano lessons at IMJMusic in Swindon. Here's what I discovered...

Quality grand piano

With its rich and distinctive sound, combined with the fine materials and German craftmanship, the Steinberg IQ99 inspires students of every level to play to their very best

Effective teaching

Alongside the main instrument is a Yamaha Hybrid N1 Grand Piano - perfect for immediate demonstration or supporting students as they play 


Student workshops

With a series of informal workshops throughout the year, adult students can to play in a supportive learning environment. 

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Air-conditioned studio

Whatever the weather is outside, you can play and learn in complete comfort inside thanks to the air-conditioned IMJMusic studio


“Ian is an outstanding teaching who teaches in a beautiful studio. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found him. Our daughter loves her lessons and always leaves happy and full of enthusiasm”

Nora Jacobs, Teacher

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Experienced and supportive

With over twenty years of teaching experience, combined with qualifications in performance, music theory, and accompaniment, students can follow their aspirations with confidence, knowing they are being guided by a professional, friendly and supportive tutor.

Playing Piano

Accredited Exams

Knowing how a piano sounds and responds really does make a difference when it comes to taking a piano exam. And with  accredited  qualifications with the London College of Music may be taken and assessed by a visiting examiner right here in the studio - from grade to diploma level

Piano Keys

Holiday Deals

Quality Grand


Selected Smartphone Brands 


Just In

Quality Grand


Top Headphone Brands

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